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Restorative Dentistry in Greer

Restorative Dentistry

Greer Dental Studio provides restorative dentistry services in Greer, SC. To discover more about our services or make an appointment, call us at 864-259-2590.

What Is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry involves bringing damaged or missing teeth back to a functional state. Restorative dental work includes fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants.

Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Helps With Chewing

One of the top benefits of restorative dentistry is that it improves chewing ability. People with missing or damaged teeth know how difficult it can be to bite and chew certain foods. Patients can eat what they like without worry with a sturdy replacement like a crown, bridge, denture, or implant.

Saves Natural Teeth

Crowns and fillings can save natural teeth from extraction. The natural tooth root provides chewing stimulation that keeps the jawbone from deteriorating. If the dentist can repair a compromised tooth using a filling or crown, they will be able to preserve its natural root.

Improves Speech Clarity

Missing teeth make it difficult to produce certain sounds. Replacing teeth helps people speak clearly.

Improves Appearance

While restorative dentistry primarily supports the tooth's function, restorations like crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants also have cosmetic benefits.

Improves Patients' Quality of Life

Having healthy, functional teeth can change a patient's life. People who have felt self-conscious about their teeth can smile again. They no longer have to spend time worrying about what they can chew.

Why Choose Greer Dental Studio?

Our office welcomes everyone in your family. We provide a warm, friendly atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and at ease. We offer many types of advanced treatment under one roof.

Procedures Offered

Composite Fillings

New Patient Smiling in Chair

Fillings can repair teeth with minor or significant dental decay. Dentists can use composite fillings that blend in with the natural tooth color. More extensive tooth decay may need metal fillings.

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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

When a tooth is decayed, broken, or has received a root canal, it may be too damaged for a filling but can still support a dental crown. A dental crown is a porcelain or metal cap that fits over the top of a prepared natural tooth. Cemented permanently in place, crowns function like natural teeth.

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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridge Model photo

A bridge can replace missing teeth in a row. Bridges consist of pontics (artificial teeth) permanently attached to crowns or implants on either side of the gap. A bridge is a natural-looking alternative to a partial denture or implant.

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Dental Implant Restorations

Dental Implant Model

Dental implants are considered today's most advanced replacement for missing teeth. An implant consists of a tiny titanium post that bonds with the jawbone. The post receives a stainless steel abutment and a lifelike dental crown to complete the restoration.

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Lower Denture Model

Traditional dentures are appropriate for many older patients. People with significant tooth loss may be eligible to receive full arch dentures. Partial dentures are an excellent choice for patients missing only a few teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Restorative Dentistry

How long does a dental crown last?
A dental crown usually lasts for between 10 and 15 years. If you take good care of your crowns, they may last even longer. If you have any problem with your crowns after the dentist places them, be sure to call promptly to have them addressed.
Why should I have my tooth replaced?
Many people leave spaces in their mouth after losing a tooth because they feel that replacing it is unimportant. Not replacing a tooth can lead to the other teeth shifting in your mouth, which can cause crooked teeth, tooth decay, and gum disease.
Who is a good candidate for dentures?
Patients with many missing or damaged teeth are often good candidates for dentures. Traditional dentures can be a cost-effective alternative to other restorations. Denture patients should have healthy gums and sufficient jawbone mass to support the dentures.
Can a dentist fix my broken tooth?
A dentist can often save a broken tooth with a crown or filling. If the damage is too extensive, the tooth may need extraction and replacement. Some situations that could lead to a broken tooth needing extraction include a fracture below the gum line and a vertical split that goes to the root.

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