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Pediatric Comprehensive Dental Exams in Greer

Comprehensive Dental Exam
Greer Dental Studio provides pediatric comprehensive dental exams in Greer, SC.
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A dental examination is a diagnostic evaluation of your child's overall oral health and hygiene.

Dentists examine children at each visit to track their development, spot potential issues, and look for health issues.

During the examination, Dr. T or her team may…

  • check for signs of decay or periodontal disease
  • create digital x-rays using low radiation digital imaging
  • evaluate your child's bite
  • provide instructions for proper cleaning and flossing
  • remove stains or debris, such as plaque
  • take a dental impression for a mouthguard
  • perform an oral cancer exam by feeling the hard and soft tissues of the mouth 

Our team will also ask the parent about any health updates for their child or concerns they want to address. We want to collaborate with parents and children to achieve healthy mouths and beautiful smiles.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Comprehensive Dental Exams

What is a dental screening for kids?
Dental screening for kids is where the dentist examines the child's mouth and looks for any dental diseases, including dental decay and gum diseases. The dentist also examines extraoral and intraoral tissues for any anomalies. Dental charting is done to track dental development. This might also include radiographs that help the dentist properly diagnose and plan treatment.
What age should a child have their first dental checkup?
The first dental visit for kids usually starts at age one or when the first baby tooth erupts. This visit usually helps the parents and the kids to get accustomed to a dental office and a dental visit. The first dental checkup can also be scheduled earlier if the parents have specific concerns such as teething, tongue tie, speech issue, or feeding /dietary and oral hygiene questions.
How often do children have dental checkups?
Dental checkups for kids are recommended every six months, just like for adults. This helps the child get used to the dentist and the dental setting and helps with proper dental diagnosis and treatment planning. Also, it helps to educate the parents and child about proper home dental hygiene techniques and habits.
How often do kids get their teeth cleaned?
The American dental association recommends that children get their teeth cleaned every six months like adults. Regular dental visits are essential to cultivating healthy home dental hygiene habits and oral hygiene education. Regular dental visits are important to detect early dental decay in kids and to educate the family about dietary modifications to prevent early childhood decay. Rampant childhood decay is very common in children, and this can be prevented with periodic and regular dental exams and education.
Are teeth cleanings good for kids?
Regular teeth cleaning is extremely important as it helps to teach kids proper brushing and flossing techniques at a very early age. Improper dental hygiene and high sugar diet put children at high risk for dental decay. A periodic exam and cleaning at the dental office help families identify dietary modifications that need to be made for better oral health. Dental cleaning helps remove plaque and calculus buildup from teeth.
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