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Pulpotomy in Greer

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If the inner chamber of the tooth, known as the dental pulp, is invaded by decay, the tooth will gradually deteriorate and become infected. Root canal treatment, or a pulpotomy, treats tooth decay by removing infected pulp inside the tooth.

Once the damaged pulp has been removed, a medicated dressing can be placed within the tooth to prevent further infection and promote the healing of the remaining pulp. The tooth's inner chamber is then sealed and a restorative crown or filling is placed to protect the pulp. Because this procedure is often performed to restore deciduous (baby) teeth until it is time for for them to normally exfoliate ( fall out on its own naturally), this procedure is sometimes referred to as a baby root canal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Pulpotomy

What is a pulpotomy procedure in a child?
Pulpotomy is warranted when dental decay has spread into the pulp /nerve of the tooth. A simple dental filling is not sufficient in this case. Pulpotomy is like a baby tooth root canal where the nerve from the tooth is removed in the coronal section and then restored.
What is the procedure of pulpotomy?
Pulpotomy is similar to a root canal procedure, except that the pulp tissue is removed only from the coronal section of the tooth. The dentist first gets the tooth anesthetized and then removes the dental decay and the coronal pulp tissue, and then the tooth is restored with either a filling or a crown. This helps to prevent dental decay from spreading further into the root. Pulpotomy is done only when the tooth is not abscessed.
Is pulpotomy safe for kids?
Pulpotomy for the primary tooth is very similar to a root canal, and it removes all the infected pulp tissue from the coronal half of the tooth. It is very safe and effective when performed on primary teeth. A dentist will use his or her judgment to choose when to do a pulpotomy versus a pulpectomy.
Is a pulpotomy a baby root canal?
Dentists refer to pulpotomy as a baby tooth root canal. This helps explain the procedure in simple terms that parents can usually relate to. Pulpotomy is usually not as invasive as a traditional endodontic treatment for permanent teeth since only the coronal pulp tissue is removed. Pulpotomy is usually done to preserve primary teeth as long as we can, as primary teeth help to hold the space for permanent teeth until it erupts.
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