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Pediatric Crowns in Greer

Dental Crowns
Greer Dental Studio provides pediatric crowns in Greer, SC.
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If your child's tooth has more extensive decay, a dental crown may be the best restorative solution.

Pediatric dental crowns can restore damaged or decayed teeth in children. Choosing to have a crown placed can protect the remaining natural tooth to help maintain the supporting bone structure and stability of the surrounding and adjacent teeth.

A dental crown completely covers the remaining tooth structure after removing the decay. Crowns can be shaped from various materials, including stainless steel, composite materials, polycarbonate, resin, porcelain, and zirconia. We offer several options, allowing us to choose the most effective option for each child and each tooth.

What To Expect

The first step in the process is to take an impression that will be used to make a model of the teeth and bite. This allows the crown to look and function like your child's natural tooth. The tooth will then be prepped, with the decayed areas being removed. An impression of the prepared tooth will be made so the final crown will fit properly when placed.

Sometimes the final crown can be placed on the same day, but other times a temporary crown will be placed while your child's final restoration is being created.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Crowns

What are pediatric dental crowns?
Pediatric dental crowns are similar to dental crowns used in adults, except that they are usually not custom-made. It helps to cover the tooth like a sleeve and protect it from harmful agents. Pediatric crowns can be stainless steel or porcelain, depending upon individual dental offices/ preferences.
How long do pediatric crowns last?
Pediatric crowns are expected to last until the tooth exfoliates. It usually falls off when the primary tooth becomes loose and exfoliates. Crowns might have to be replaced if they fracture or get worn down with use, especially in children with grinding habits.
Are pediatric crowns necessary?
When is it Necessary to Put Crowns on Baby Teeth? Pediatric crowns become a necessity when there is extensive decay that cannot be restored with just a dental filling or when a dental filling has failed and the tooth needs additional support due to a lack of sufficient tooth structure. The tooth is prepared by removing dental decay, and then the crowns are cemented.
Are pediatric crowns common?
Pediatric crowns are very common in dental settings. Pediatric crowns are used to restore teeth with extensive dental decay or to restore the coronal portion of the tooth that has fractured. Dental decay and trauma are very common in children, so the need for dental Crowns in children is very high.
Are your child's baby teeth in good health?
The regular dental visit helps to track the growth and development of teeth and surrounding structures. The dentist will examine your child's mouth and propose treatment as needed. Oral hygiene instructions are given to the child and parent.
Does my 4-year-old really need a crown?
The need for dental crowns in children depends on the clinical scenario. The dentist will have to assess the extent of decay before treating the tooth for a filling versus a crown. A tooth that has had dental decay extending into the pulp will most likely need a baby tooth root canal/pulpotomy followed by a crown.
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