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Custom Mouthguards

Custom Mouth Guards
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If your child participates in sports, it’s important to have a custom mouthguard to protect the teeth and jaw from injury. Mouthguards are especially important for patients with orthodontic braces. We will take an impression of your child's teeth and then create a device fitted to their mouth for a more comfortable fit, easier breathing, and better protection. Preventing injury is much more budget-friendly than repairing the damage caused by facial trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Mouthguard

What are custom mouthguards?
Custom mouthguards are made to custom-fit your teeth. This is done by taking an impression in the dental office. That is then sent to a lab where they fabricate a custom mouthguard.
Do Custom-made mouthguards Offer Better Protection?
Custom mouthguards fit your teeth like a glove. Hence, they offer better protection for your teeth. Mouthguards prevent the upper and lower teeth from hitting each other and prevent damage from trauma. Custom mouthguards are recommended for patients with severe bruxism or people involved in contact sports. Your dentist will determine what type of mouth guard to fabricate after an exam and evaluation.
Is a custom night guard the same as a retainer?
Custom night guards are not the same as retainers. Retainers are a clear plastic tray that is used to help prevent teeth from shifting, usually after orthodontic treatment. Custom night guards are made from a more durable material that protects teeth from damage due to bruxism or trauma during contact sports.
How long do custom mouthguards last?
ustom mouthguards that are cleaned, stored, and maintained properly can last a very long time. However, general wear and tear from use might warrant replacing mouthguards eventually.
What are custom mouthguards made of?
Custom mouthguards are made of a thermoplastic polymer material. An impression is usually taken at the dental office, casts are poured and then sent to a lab where a custom mouthguard is fabricated. The dentist will then fit the custom mouthguard in the office and make necessary adjustments.
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