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Pediatric Dental Extractions in Greer

Extracted Tooth
Greer Dental Studio provides pediatric dental extractions in Greer, SC.
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Sometimes a tooth cannot be restored and must be removed.

When a tooth is broken or has significant decay, the ideal solution is to restore it using a filling, crown, or other procedure. If restoration is not possible or advisable due to the tooth's condition, an extraction may be recommended to prevent infection and achieve or maintain oral health.

Extractions can also become necessary to create space in preparation for orthodontic treatment, or if a deciduous (baby) tooth has not fallen out before the permanent tooth erupts to take its place.

What to Expect

Most extractions can be performed using local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. The tooth is then gently loosened and removed. Immediately after removing the tooth, gauze pads are placed for the patient to bite down on the tooth socket to apply pressure and stop bleeding. Stitches are sometimes needed and may dissolve or require removal at a follow-up appointment.

If your child is anxious about an extraction procedure or other services we offer, we can provide sedation dentistry that can help your child to relax during the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Dental Extractions

What is tooth extraction for kids?
Tooth extraction in kids is where the dentist removes a non-restorable tooth. This is usually done after anesthetizing the area/tooth. It is usually a quick and painless procedure. Pediatric dental extractions might be necessary if a tooth is non-restorable or if it is over-retained. Dental extractions might also be done in case of crowding or following trauma where the tooth is non-restorable.
What happens after a pediatric tooth extraction?
The patient might experience pain, bleeding, or swelling after tooth extraction. The dentist will advise the patient on medications that can be given for the above symptoms. Post-operative instructions are usually given following the procedure. Follow-up in one to two weeks may be necessary to evaluate healing.
How long does a child's tooth extraction take?
Extractions in children are usually quick and a very painless procedure. The appointment usually involves explaining the procedure to the patient and parent, anesthetizing the tooth/the area, and then extracting. Post-operative Instructions are given. Follow-up appointments might be scheduled as needed to evaluate healing/recovery.
How painful is tooth extraction for kids?
Pediatric extractions are usually painless and comfortable. The area/tooth is anesthetized enough to prevent pain/discomfort. The child might experience some pressure/pulling sensation during the procedure itself. Post-operative pain/discomfort is very normal for a few days after the extraction.
What is the most common tooth to be extracted?
Non-restorable teeth are the ones that are usually extracted. Also, over-retained primary teeth, teeth that are non-restorable following trauma, and severe crowding might warrant extractions.
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